Institutional Change with Technology and Experience

Agile Partners is an organization founded by more than 25 years of leading business people in business psychology products, technology and consulting. Institutions make a difference by providing the talents they have with technology and scientific sub-structure.

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TALENTx7 Assessment®
Öğrenme Çevikliği Envanteri

Zorlu durumlarda çalışanlarınızın yeni bilgiyi öğrenme isteğini ve becerisini değerlendiriyoruz.

Online ve Mobil Uyumlu

Tüm değerlendirme katılımcının kendisi tarafından online olacak şekilde yapılır.

Kapsamlı Envanter

Katılımcının genel öğrenme çevikliğiyle birlikte yedi alt boyutu ölçümlenir.

Hızlı Tamamlama

Ortalama 20-30 dk. içerisinde tüm değerlendirme tamamlanabilir.

Kolay Okunur Rapor

Tüm sonuçlar herkesin okuyabileceği kadar sade ve anlaşılır.

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Agile Partners

Support for change management, identify capabilities Reviews measurement, evaluation, development and promotion

Selects, evaluates and maintains the best ability.

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Support for Change Management

With the experience of corporate change, companies use a realistic view of why they need to change, and after this solid start, they identify with them the steps that will encourage institutions.

Identification & Assessment of Talents

Supporting organizations to identify performance and potentially high-quality employees that will bring them to the future, and to support and evaluate their ability to identify their organizations by implementing this process in an unbiased, fair and systematic approach.

Talent Development and Retention

It is one of the most critical agenda items of today's managers to be able to determine who are high performance and potentially high-powered employees, and to invest in them and develop them by investing.


Each one of our team members who are experts in their profession and who love doing business is pleased to serve you.

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  • The issue that affects us most at Agility Partners has been very influential in our efforts to work closely to anticipate the anticipation. In their work there are experts, experts and tremendous teams that provide fast support and solution that is important to all

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